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Новинки военной техники

AC-130J Ghostrider

It only took about a year and half to take the AC-130W, dubbed the "Stinger II," concept and turn it into reality. What resulted from this initiative was more of a flying arsenal and sensor ship than a traditional gunship. The idea was to create a gunship with minimal airframe alterations and to provide an indirect precision attack capability to the AC-130 family. A single Bushmaster 30mm cannon was fitted to the forward port side of the aircraft's fuselage, along with a pair of highly capable AN/AAQ-38 FLIR turrets both under the nose and under the port forward fuselage sponson-like structure. Also, a modular Battle Management System (BMS) and advanced communications system, including the latest video and information datalinks, were tied to a series of missionized control stations mounted inside the AC-130W's spacious cargo hold.
Как видите, машина довольно странная. Полный набор сенсоров, плюс для пушки изуродовали фюзеляж - но при этом из пушечного, самого дешевого - обошлись одной 30 мм - и это на таком слоне

Текстрон. Первый полет

•50 hours total flight time, across 26 separate flights
•Envelope tested: Flight Level 300 (30,000 ft.), 310 KCAS, 0.72 Mach, +3.7 g-force/-0.5 g-force
•Maximum airspeed tested: 430 KTAS
•Single-engine climbs
•Stall speeds <90 KCAS
•Single engine shutdown and restart, in-flight
•Demonstration of low-speed aircraft interception mission

AC-208U Combat Caravan

У нас таких нет. А ведь обычно - в локальной войне большего и не требуется. И подумайте, насколько дешевле будет вылет этой штуки чем вылет пары Грачей

AT-6 light-attack aircraft

Iomax Archangel armed surveillance aircraft


MD Helicopters MD540A

armed with Hellfire and DAGR missiles, plus miniguns
On its four pylons it can carry an array of weapons, including guns, rocket pods and Hellfire missiles. Rocket options include laser-guided weapons such as the Lockheed Martin DAGR, Raytheon Talon and BAE Systems APKWS.


South African company OTT Technologies Hunter


new 6×6 configuration of the ATMOS

Kazakhstan's new modified BMP-1 fitted with a 2B9M Vasilyok 82 mm mortar
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